Hotel & Banquets

The SSK Solitaire Hotel & Banquets is a contemporary compact boutique hotel offering unparalleled convenience.

Located at an easy to reach distance The SSK Solitaire Hotel & Banquets is known for its structural design and eminence. Reaching any corner of the city is not a headache if you have confirmed your stay at The SSK Solitaire Hotel & Banquets. You can find modes of transportation to reach any niche of the city.

The SSK Solitaire Hotel & Banquets offers 16 elegantly designed rooms and 1 Spacious and Elegant suite, 2 Audio and Visually equipped modern acoustic banquet halls, An Alfresco Garden Restaurant, A Fine Dining Multi Cuisine Restaurant, authentic Spa and Salon, a 24*7 Coffee Shop and a spacious parking with SSK Solitaire Hospitality to set this hotel apart.