The Chairman

Mr. Shailesh Shrihari Kute

Shailesh Shrihari Kute was the Trustee for Shirdi Sai Baba Board and has served for eight consecutive years with honor and dignity.

He has grown himself politically and in rapid modernization of the economy. Having served the Congress Party for a series of highly honoured positions –

  • Youth Congress President for District,
  • District Congress President,
  • State Secretary for Congress,
  • Counselor

He is one of the most proclaimed honoured and exceptionally astute politician of Nasik.

Shailesh Srihari Kute who considers his best fashion statement A Fit Healthy Body is a foodie at heart. Shailesh Srihari Kute has been a food lover his entire life. From a Big on Portion Control to a Foodie who wants to eat everything under the sun, to someone who believes to eat flavourful foods that fills one up faster, Shailesh Srihari Kute has it all embibed.

From treating his body like a temple to indulging in sinful eating here’s what Shailesh Srihari Kute has to say:

I read it somewhere that One cannot think well, love well, sleep well ,if one has not dined well and I strongly believe it.It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to my property The SSK Solitaire Hotel & Banquets. Come and Relish your Taste Buds The SSK Solitaire Hotel & Banquets.

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